DVI Artwork Specifications


Here is a list of different art formats. We list these specifications because we only want to print at the highest quality. Your product represents both your organization and our company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We don't mind re-creating art and fees generally range from $25-$75.

Vector art (preferred format): Illustrator (.ai)/Freehand

Version CS3 or below. Please convert all fonts to outlines. These files do not have to be re-created. Jpegs simply placed into the program will still have to be re-created. Artwork will be checked by the art department to ensure garment/production friendliness.

Photoshop (.psd)

Version CS3 or below. Art should be at 100% final print size at 300dpi. Please render all fonts as layers. Spot colors jobs should have each color separated into layers.

Hi-res Jpeg (.jpg)/Tiff (.tif)

Art should be at 100% final print size at 300dpi. JPG/TIF multi-color art designs will need to be re-created as vector art, art charges may apply. Black and white JPG/TIF line art (no shades of grey or halftones) can be used as-is, if the art is submitted at 100% print size at 300dpi.

All other files: low-res jpg, tif, psd, bmp, gif files

These files will have to be re-created as vector art. Art charges may apply. MS Word (.doc), Powerpoint (.ppt), Publisher (.pub), Excel (.xls), and all other desktop publishing/office program files will have to be re-created. Art charges may apply.

DVI Artwork Pricing

Template art: FREE - includes customization for your particular organization

Custom art:

  • $25 for the first color, $15 for each additional color (Includes 2 revisions)
  • $15 per revision after the first 2.
  • $25-$50 for art re-creation (i.e., changing Jpegs to a usable format)
  • Maximum charge is $150

Logo Art

  • $100-$300 (Depends on the amount of proofs needed)


DVI Artwork Turnaround

  • Custom art: 2 weeks
  • Art re-creation: 1 week
  • Art from a template: 2 days