Why You Need Shirts

Everyone owns T-shirts! If you take a peek into your drawer, you will probably see dozens of printed shirts. These shirts are not just another piece of clothing, they are memories. They remind you of your college, your favorite vacation spot, or the best burger in the world (In-N-Out). It is time that your company becomes part of this treasure of memories.

Today, especially in start up companies, workwear is much more casual. Shirts are becoming the norm so we wanted to explain why your company needs custom T-shirts.

Representation. Your employees are walking billboards! They can either represent your company or something else less important. A nice custom shirt, polo, or jacket can really set your organization apart.

Reward. Everyone loves getting free stuff! You are guaranteed a smile when you give out a free shirt. Even if they do not wear this shirt at work, they will use it. A custom shirt can let your employees know you care and it can boost morale!

Reason. Custom shirts are a great way to convey the reason for your company, your mission. “Just do it,” “finger-lickin good,” “think different,” and “America runs on Dunkin” are just a few statements that let others know what that company is about. You can do the same, whether you are a school principal, restaurant manager, contractor, or financial advisor. Let your employees know the reason their company exists!

Relationship. We all know that building a great client list is about relationships. Make your company memorable by giving your clients a free shirt after your meeting. They might remember a nice meal or a good cup of coffee, but they will definitely keep a free shirt! It is a wearable business card so when they are in need of your services, they can find your information conveniently located on their person.

Relevance. The shirt will never go out of style and it is foundational to any wardrobe. While skinny jeans will come and go, the printed shirt remains. This is your opportunity to have your company, your brand, be part of this constant fashion statement.

So the next time you are looking for ways to reward your employees, brand your company, or built relationships with clients, consider a custom printed shirt!